Creating a Sustainable First Coast

The time for a sustainable region is now.

If you are visiting this blog, then you are looking to make a difference in the way Florida's beautiful First Coast region is developed to reflect a way of life that promotes sustainable living, a thriving economy and a healthy balance between humans and our Earth. Join us as we move forward.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Starting the Discussion

An open letter from Mary Tappouni
President of Breaking Ground Contracting


Imagine a region that is connected through smart and effective transit.
One that utilizes existing infrastructure to revitalize city centers while using taxpayer dollars responsibly.
One that promotes community through carefully planned town centers surrounded by
energy and water conserving homes adjacent to open spaces and is pedestrian and bike
A community that supports local merchants, preserves farmland and promotes innovation in research in green technologies and manufacturing.
A region where conservation and environmental protection are commonplace.
Imagine a region with the political will to accomplish all of this and leaders who will present a comprehensive, transformative vision.

Imagine. This can be our reality here on the First Coast and, in fact, it must be.

What is required are bold leaders who will take bold action to lead us to a truly sustainable region. We can transform our area to become a model for others and one that will provide the diverse economies that our current climate requires. The time for talk is over. The studies have all been done. The best ideas are here and are held within the talent that our region has fostered. Who will lead us? Will it be you? If it is, take immediate and decisive action. Do it for your neighborhood. Do it for your town. Do it for your family and for future generations. Do it for our region. Do it now.

Will you stand by and let another 5, 10, 20, 30 years go by with the same woeful policies, the same talk of, “Let’s move slowly, take our time," allow another oil spill of catastrophic proportions? Time is not on our side. We have already fallen behind. We can be different, we can break the mold. We must. We can and will accomplish this by embracing the principles of sustainable development always keeping the balance of the human being, the earth and the economy. We cannot sacrifice one for the other. It is the only truly sustainable path. Walk it with us.

The time for a sustainable region is now.